Our Communication

In any relationship, a little communication goes a long way, and in construction, that need for communication is almost daily. Through the use of on-site technology and consistent open lines of communication, we ensure that everyone is kept in the loop. Whether it comes from our daily job logs, weekly client meetings, access to our project management software, emails, texts or phone calls, we prefer to raise any issue early in the hopes of keeping it from becoming a problem later. It is never our intention to make promises we can’t keep. We are realistic about costs and schedules and are unwavering in our effort to adhere accordingly.

Buildertrend is a cloud based project management platform that Biggerstaff Construction uses to manage projects. You will be able to view your home build schedule, financials, see updated photos of your project, and communicate efficiently with our build team. Below is video that helps explain what your experience may be like while using BuilderTrend along with Biggerstaff Construction for your project.