Biggerstaff Construction's Building Process Overview

Our commitment to managing schedules and budgets, while providing open and responsive communication to the Owner, is our legacy and is authenticated by our 40 plus years of satisfied clients.


Phase 1: Design

  • Lot survey
    • Schedule a survey of your lot so that corners and setbacks are known. This will help visualize where the building can sit and how to best use your lot.
  • Meet with Architects and share design notes you may have. Work together to create plan drawings
  • Meet to review the first draft of architectural drawings & make changes as needed.
    • Personalize your plan
    • Does it best fit the lot?
    • Does it fit subdivision design regulations?
    • What do you like? Not like?
    • Discuss value engineering ideas.
  • Client approval of preliminary plans and request a complete set of plan drawings from the architect.
  • Meet to review complete plan drawings
    • Review plans
    • Discuss budget
    • Begin finishing discussions & selections
  • Client approval of complete plans

Phase 2: Pre-Construction

  • Pre Construction Contract
    • Pre-construction meetings
    • Submit & obtain permits
    • Help Clients with finishing decisions
    • Obtain bids and good faith estimates for construction costs
    • Schedule & meet with engineers, surveyors, well drillers, other subcontractors
    • Develop a schedule for construction
  • Pre Construction Meetings
    • Meeting w/ Biggerstaff Construction Owner, Construction Manager, and Project Manager.
      • Site Visit w/ client (views, desires, trees…)
      • Discuss the building process
      • Communication (whom to talk to regarding your build)
    • Meeting to create a mechanical plan
    • Make exterior finish selections
    • Make interior finish selections
  • Submittal of notes & plans for proposal of cost to build
  • Proposal to build presented to the client
  • Client approval of contract – Sign contract
  • Submittal of the contract to the lender for the loan approval process
  • Submittals & Permits to start the build of the home
  • Confirm mechanical layouts with Clients prior start of construction
  • Schedule for the start of construction & process.

Phase 3: Construction

  • Construction Start Meeting
    • On-site meeting with Project Manager to answer questions & discuss process, site, trees, etc.
  • Pre-Drywall Meeting
    • At this point, you will have the opportunity to see your home framed with the windows and doors set. The Project Manager will give you a tour of the house and review the layout of all electrical outlets & switches, as well as any low-voltage installations, such as audio, security, phone & TV.
    • Other site visits and tours can be arranged at any time.
  • Progress Updates
    • A weekly meeting will be scheduled (in person, via Zoom, or phone) throughout the entire building process to keep the Client updated on progress. This meeting will allow the Client and Builder to remain on the same page with everything happening with the construction.
    • Weekly meetings will include,
      • Updates on what took place in the past week
      • What is planned for the following week
      • Any change orders and changes to schedule
      • Issues that have come up
      • Questions
  • Homeowner Orientation Walk
    • As your home nears completion, we will schedule a Homeowner Orientation walk through. Biggerstaff Construction will conduct the walk through and demonstrate the features of your home. This is an excellent time to ask questions about the operation of your home’s features, gain an understanding of our customer service program, and your responsibilities as a homeowner for proper maintenance.
    • The walk through is your opportunity to inspect your home and, if any discrepancies or problems are found, they will be recorded and scheduled for repair or replacement. The owner will be requested to record these discrepancies on paper and give it to the Contractor.
    • Contractor will do its best to complete these discrepancy repairs quickly before you move in. Some items may be completed after you move in.

Phase 4: Closing & Warranty

  • Substantial Completion & Move In
    • Substantial completion means the time at which the project is suitable for occupancy or its intended use, or the issuance of an occupancy consent of final building department approval from the city, county, or state, whichever occurs first. Upon substantial completion, the Owner shall inspect the house in the presence of the Contractor. At final inspection and prior to occupancy, the Owner shall give Contractor a signed “punch list” that identifies any items to be repaired or completed. Therefore, Owner and Contractor shall agree upon, by completion of a written form, those items that will be repaired by the Contractor within a reasonable time after closing. Owner shall upon execution of such form accept the improvements and acknowledge that they were constructed pursuant to this Agreement, except as set out in said written form.
    • Your Project Manager & Warranty Manager will meet with you at your home to review warranty procedures and to confirm that all items have been completed.
    • The keys are yours and you can begin enjoying your new home!
  • Warranty Walk Through
    • The warranty walk through typically takes place 9-10 months after substantial completion. Biggerstaff Construction is committed to continuous, long term customer service and support. Shall any items arise after moving in, we are here to help. Your warranty manager will meet with you at your home to review any warranty work that is needed. We greatly appreciate it if you will keep a list of the issues that you have found, such as settlement, grout cracking, etc. Biggerstaff Construction will complete a thorough one-year warranty review and address any items that need our attention.

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